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Finding the bug in TimSort (Video)

Stijn de Gouw gave a presentation of his work on deductive software verification with KeY to discover the TimSort bug at Trondheim Developer Conference 2015. The details of this work have previously been presented as a blogpost on this website and as a scientific paper at CAV 2015. The guys over at TDC2015 recorded Stijn’s presentation and put it on Vimeo, so you can now watch Stijn discuss this work.

Stijn de Gouw – BUG IN TIMSORT from TrondheimDC on Vimeo.


The World’s First Object-Oriented Program – from October 1st 1965

Programming Languages and Compilers are currently very high on the agenda, most recently with Apple’s launch of the Swift Language for iOS on WWDC this week, and also with the increasing popularity of languages like Erlang (e.g. used by Facebook’s WhatsApp), Google’s Go, Clojure, and Mozilla’s Rust. In fact, the Swift language was inspired by several languages: Objective-C, Rust, Haskell, Ruby, Python, C#, CL – according to its main developer – Chris Lattner

There is also significant research on new programming models, e.g. in the Envisage project we’re developing the ABS: A Core Language for Abstract Behavioral Specification (

But all of these language stand on the shoulders of an earlier language – Simula – acknowledged as the first Object-Oriented Programming Language (developed by Ole-Johan Dahl and Kristen Nygaard at University of Oslo).

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